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Artsbridge 10th Anniversary
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  Artsbridge Update
Harvey Singing
Art Fest 2001 Lexis

Artists sharing their talents and enjoying themselves at Artsbridge’s Festival of the Arts held on the grounds of the Artsbridge Gallery on August 18.

Photos by Alexis B. Campbell and George Golia

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Our Volunteers

Painter and ceramist Don Jordan has been an Artsbridge member for three years. Since he has moved to New Hope in the summer of 1999, he has been helping out as a volunteer in many different ways.

“I offer to help on the spot,” says Don. Former Artsbridge president Chris Snyder called Don when she needed a hand moving chairs from Riverrun Gallery to Prallsville Mills. Don has volunteered as a bartender at the annual Artsbridge at Prallsville Mills show. He is also helping the Exhibition Committee by posting notices of the monthly Artsbridge Gallery shows in Bucks and Hunterdon counties. “I do it to make my life fuller, by helping,” Don says modestly.

George Golia is another one of Artsbridge’s volunteers who helps where need be. “I enjoy helping out, and I also do it for the sake of the organization,” George says. “An organization like Artsbridge needs volunteers to keep it going.” George has, among many other things, donated the pedestals at Artsbridge Gallery. He has hung the large banner at the Stockton Inn, announcing Artsbridge at Prallsville Mills, has taken photos at our programs, and gallery-sat on Mother’s Day when no one else was available.

Artsbridge President Alexis Campbell says, “Don and George are willing to jump in and be of help when we need them and in a broad spectrum of functions. Their help is a big contribution to the organization’s success.”

Thank you, Don and George!!

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